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Posted June 4, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Novel Promo

Novel Spotlight and Giveaway: Unbeautifully By Madeline Sheehan


By Madeline Sheehan



*Genre: Erotic: Contemporary Romance

* Published: May 13, 2013

*Publisher: Indie Author/Self published

*Word/Page count 374Pages
*Series: Undeniable Book #2

Book Blurb

Danielle “Danny” West is the daughter of Deuce West, President of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. A sweet and beautiful girl, she loses her way, searching for things that are always out of her reach. Erik “Ripper” Jacobs is the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell’s Horsemen. Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. During a midsummer night, Danny and Ripper’s paths cross, forever changing their lives. Hastily, their lust turns to love until another tragedy forces them apart. On a journey that is marred with ugliness and chaos, Danny and Ripper must discover if their unforeseen connection can find the beauty in their world.

This is Danny and Ripper’s story.

Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.
Because without ugly, there is no beauty!

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The first time I fell in love it was with a pair of blue eyes and a wide dimpled grin.
“Your old man loves ya, Danny girl,” He whispered. “You never ever forget that, yeah?”
I never did. And I never thought I could ever love any man as much as I loved my father. But as we grow, we change, we begin to make our own decisions and thus become independent and self sufficient and start turning away from our parents and turning to others. We form friendships, strong bonds and ties and begin experiencing life outside of the bubble we grew up inside of.
And we fall in love…a second time.

The second time I fell in love it was with a badly scarred face, the stuff of nightmares; the sort of disfigurement that mothers steer their children away from. Ugly, jagged slashes marred the skin from the top of his skull, down over his right eye, an eye that had been dug out of his face with a serrated blade. The scars continued across his cheek, over his lips and down his neck, ending at the top of his shoulder. His chest was a hundred times worse; scar tissue as far as the eye could see.“Baby,” He said gruffly, “Man like me got no business with a girl like you. You’re nothin’ but fuckin’ beauty and I’m a whole lot of fuckin’ ugly who’s already halfway to hell.”But he was wrong.Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.Because without ugly there would be no beauty.Because without beauty we would not survive our pain, our sorrow, and our suffering.And in the world I lived in, the world he lived in, a secret world within the world, a world of of constant crime and cruel, cold, death, there was almost nothing but suffering.“You may not be beautiful the way you were before,” I whispered, placing my hand on his hard chest. “But you’re still beautiful. To me.



Madeline Sheehan on a Day in her life

A day in the life of Madeline… is pretty damn boring!☺
Monday through Friday I wake up (sort of) around seven AM, after four different alarm clocks that my husband hides throughout the bedroom, forcing me out of bed just to shut them off, I stumble into the kitchen (contemplating ways to severely injure my husband) and beeline for the coffee maker.


I look something like this until half that cup is gone.


Then it’s, pack my son’s lunch (since I can’t cook or prepare any sort of food whatsoever he gets a Lunchable –  I know, I know, but at least he’s eating, right?), then I make sure he has at least two extra pairs of pants in his back pack (because the kid is disaster prone),


This isn’t my son, but its close enough. ☺


Then I drag him out of bed, try to make us both look semi presentable to be seen in public (FYI this never works and we both look like hobos), rush out the door because I am always, always late, and I’m praying I don’t have to fight the parking enforcer dude since he’s always lurking, trying to ticket my ass…


Sometimes I leave him love notes. He hates them.


Then I’m dropping my son off at pre-school avoiding the stares of the other parents because my hair is sticking up and my pajamas are mismatched and I know what they’re thinking…that I’m a hot mess, but I don’t care because I’ve always been a hot mess and learned to accept my fate long, long ago.☺

On my way home (still only half awake) I stop at Tim Horton’s for a plain bagel, toasted with cream cheese and a medium double-double.  Or if I’m feeling spontaneously awesome I’ll get a iced latte.  Maybe a muffin.  FYI, the woman who usually works the drive through despises me and I’m convinced she spits in my coffee.  I’m not sure what I did to her…  Maybe she didn’t like Undeniable.  Haha.

I often daydream of throwing things at her.

Then it’s back home, my laptop open, my Hello kitty and Buddha miniatures ready and waiting on my desk, my coffee in hand…

First its emails, then facebook messages, then book orders and what not…

Once the business stuff is out of the way, I pull up whatever book I’m currently working on and hope my imagination is going to work.




Usually, five hours pass by and I’ll have only written about 200-500 words and yet somehow my word count is lower than the day before.

Then I’m back in my Jeep, picking my son up from school, taking him out for ice cream and back home again.

The rest of my day is spent writing, playing with my son, dodging conversations about motor oil and anti freeze, and rolling my eyes at the nightly police car, fire truck, ambulance party that is always occurring on my block because my block is…well…interesting.


And since I write best late at night after everyone is asleep, I usually end up in bed around 2-3 AM.  Wake up at 7 AM cursing the “Screaming Meanie” my husband hides…


Every now and then I throw in some tattoo sittings, some dinner and drinks with friends, some book signings, and family gatherings.  And there you have it.  The domesticated, usually uneventful life of a hot mess.


Yep. That’s me. The “Hoe”. Gotta love sisters.


My Family


Book signings, Boston MA and Columbus OH.


Boston MA


Columbus OH



Madeline is giving away a $30 Amazon gift card as the tour grand prize. The winner will be announced on June 29th. Enter today and don’t forget to leave a comment!;)

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Madeline Sheehan

about Author





adeline Sheehan, a Social Distortion enthusiast and devoted fan of body art, has been writing books since she was seven years old. She is the author of The Holy Trinity ebook trilogy and Best Selling Undeniable series. Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.

You can find out more about Madeline by visiting her:



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