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Posted June 12, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Adult-BDSM

Spotlight, Interview & Giveaway: Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes

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Taking Over Me
By Sara Brookes





*Genre Erotic:

*Published: March 20, 2013( first published November 1, 2010

*Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

*Original Title: Hardware

*ISBN: 1419944681

*Page Count: 92

*Language: English

*Series: Geek Kink Book #1

Book Blurb
He’s everything she didn’t know she needed…


llison would rather fix computers than worry about sex. That is, until the newest barista in town changes everything. All it takes is one hot stare with his sinful baby blues to remind her she’s not just one of the guys. She has lusty needs only he can fulfill.

Patrick’s coffee shop is on the verge of an epic failure, until Allison takes charge of his computer system. He may not know anything about motherboards, but he does know how to take control both in and out of bed. Now Patrick is determined to get what he wants—Allison in his cuffs. His sensual mastery awakens an intense passion and under his command, he’ll unlock the geek girl’s darkest desires.

Warning: Collars. Cuffs. Clamps. Coffee. You may never look at your local barista the same way again.




“Impressive.” A line formed between his eyebrows as he frowned. He leaned forward, peeking over the gold bar that ran the length of the knee wall. “Good-sized crowd down there. And we’re the only ones up here. Is that normal?”

She led him to a row, sitting in the center seat. “It is if you know the projectionist. Gamer buddy of mine, Cooper, puts on these festivals once a month, a different theme each time. Most of the time the movies are older, classic Hollywood. Bogey and Bacall. The Rat Pack. John Wayne. This month he picked Hitchcock.”

“An extraordinary storyteller.”

“I agree. We tend to sit up here because while crowds have their place, a lot of people tend to dilute the sound quality.”

Patrick smirked. “Well now, that makes sense. Movie buffs would go for where the sweet spot is in the theater.”

“We tend to be creatures of habit, sadly.” She shrugged off the light sweater she’d worn to keep the chilly spring night air off her bare shoulders. Comprehension sank in at something he’d said. She turned to find him smiling almost expectantly. “Wait a second. You know about the sweet spot?”

His smile widened, melting her insides a little. Great, as if I wasn’t already infatuated enough, he has to flash that intoxicating grin.

“My life isn’t just about coffee and tea, Allison. I may not be as technologically savvy as you are, but there are a few things I can hold my own with.” His voice dropped a bit as he leaned over the padded armrest. “And just for clarification purposes, I know about quite a few sweet spots.”




Author Interview

Sara Brookes


Hello Sara welcome to Nightstand Novels…we are so glad to have you join us today. Congrats on your success as an author, how has the experience been?

Thank you! I’m excited to be here today. I think the whole experience of publishing is surreal and sometimes overwhelming because I’m still waiting to wake up. I never would have dreamed I would be a published author.

nnninterviewWhy erotica…what is it about the genre and specifically BDSM that attracts you?

When I started reading romance novels in my late teens, I was always frustrated by the “closed door” aspect of the sex scenes. These two people loved each other and its part of their story, so why the heck can’t I hear about it as well? The physiological aspect of BDSM is what draws me, not bondage or the more physical aspects. Sure, they’re a part of it – but they don’t always have to be. I love a great give and take between a Dom and sub.


How did “Taking Over Me” come about?


I kept reading all these stories where the geeks with the typical guys, but a sexy version of Revenge of the Nerds. I don’t know about others, but I had plenty of girl friends that could run circles on a computer around some of those guys. A few of my gamer buddies were girls, though when I did RPG, I was the only girl. But even as an adult, a lot of my gamer friends were still girls. So, I thought, why the heck can’t I write a story where the female lead is a geek girl?




I absolutely loved your book and am curious to read more about Alex, Ryan and Elena but what I really want to know is what is in Dade’s room? Any sequels in the future and if so care to share?


Thank you! It’s always exciting to be able to share stories with readers that I love. And yes, there are more stories, three more to make the series a nice, round four books! In fact, the second book of the series, Rock Your Soul, just released on May 31. That would be Ryan’s book. He makes a brief appearance in Taking Over Me. Then Break Me In is slated for release by year’s end and finally, Glad You Came is slated for release in spring of 2014. I don’t want to divulge too much of the story lines for those two books, but everyone will get their HEAs.



How do you come up with your characters and their specific personality traits…what’s the process like?


As odd as it sounds, the characters usually tell me all about themselves. Sometimes in great detail. When I first start a book, I don’t always know their quirks and such, but as I write more and get to know them better, I get to fill in the blanks.




Do you do any research for your books? And if so what?

What kind and how much research I do for a book is really dependent on the storyline, a character’s career or even hobby. The research for Taking Over Me was actually very little as I already possessed a lot of the knowledge I needed. I’m not a stranger to comic book stores (though Allison & Patrick share the honor of just what happens in said store *g*) or coffee houses. I did have to research a little about types of coffee, pulling shots, etc because I knew all about drinking coffee, but not preparing it.




Did you include any real life experiences in Taking Over Me or any of your novels and if so care to share?

I’ve been the only chick in the comic book store before. Multiple times in fact, as I still collected comics well into adulthood (I stopped a few years ago because it does take a lot of time). One time, I visited a new-to-me shop, only to have the guy behind the counter scowl at me when I walked in. I’m a girl, I wasn’t supposed to be in a comic shop, right? After I made my selections, when he started to cash out my stack, I started chatting him up. He seem genuinely shocked that I knew my stuff and I ended up talking to him for a few hours. Allison’s experience in the comic book store is remarkably different, but I’ve been on the other end of what Patrick sees when he goes to the store with Allison for the first time.




What is the toughest part about writing sex scenes?

Surprisingly, it’s not very sexy to write a sex scene. Sometimes one can take days to write, sometimes weeks. I have to break it down to make sure everything flows well, positions are possible, etc. Reading the finished scene is always a blast though, great to see how it all comes together (no pun intended)!




Where do you get the inspiration for your sex scenes, are they purely based on fantasy or is there a little real life experience thrown in?

Purely fantasy. One of the great things about being a writer and having the imagination to come up with stories, is also getting to come up with the sex scenes. Everyone has a different method, but inspiration for sex scenes comes from the same places inspiration for stories overall comes from—my brain. So I guess that means I have one seriously smutty brain. *G*




Do you ever get embarrassed by the sex?

I don’t think you can write some of the things that I do and be embarrassed about it. It’s fun, natural and healthy as long as everyone is consenting.




Apart from your own characters, who is your favorite Dom/character and why?


Though not a Dom, but certainly an alpha male – Roarke from the …In Death series by J D Robb (a pen name of Nora Roberts) is probably one of my favorites. I’ve been reading those books since there were only two books in the series. O_o I’m a little attached…




Do you hear from your readers much and if so what kinds of things do they say?

I always love to hear from readers! The first time I met a few readers at the first convention I attend was a great thrill for me. I had a hard time not fangirling over them because I had people I could talk to my books about. *g* I keep a contact form on my website to make it easy if a reader wants to write. Just the other day, I received an email from a reader with a problem and I was able to help her and within a few emails was able to get it taken care of.




Are reviews important to you and how do you react to negative/bad reviews?

I think reviews of any kind are important, positive or negative, because it means someone took some time out of their life to write about something I took time out of my life to write. I’m always grateful to a reviewer whether or not they liked one of my books, because, as I said, they took time to read and then review one of my books.




Has social networking impacted your life as a writer? And in what way?

TIt sucks the life from me! *g* Seriously, I love Twitter and am on it far more than I really should be. If you see me chatting it up on there, feel free to come give me a swift kick in the pants because I should probably be writing.




What do want readers to take away from your fiction and where can readers find you?

I simply hope, if they pick up one of my books, they can escape for a few hours. As I said above, I’m on Twitter all the time and I always respond to @ messages. Facebook as well, I have both a regular account and an author page. My website, of course, is always up to date with the latest information I have about new and recent releases.




And finally does sex sell?


Given the explosion of erotic romance & erotica in the past few years, I think it’s pretty obvious it’s here to stay. I’ve been writing in the genre a lot longer than that, but I for one and glad to see the surge in popularity.




It’s been a pleasure Sara, Thanks for stopping by … can’t wait to read more of your work.

Thanks so much for having me here today!





Now for a giveaway that will have you coffee lovers salivating! Sara will be awarding a $50.00 gift card  to Starbucks and a Perfect Shot (coffeehouse in Taking Over Me) coffee mug to a randomly drawn commenter . what are you waiting for? get to commenting and good luck!





Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost(tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire..

You can find out more about Sara by visiting her:

Website| Facebook Author page| Twitter| Facebook

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