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Posted May 12, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Cover Reveals

Cover Reveal: Romance Book Club

We are  thrilled to be a part of the cover reveal for Michelle Hughes’ New Erotic Romance,
Romance Book Club

Book Description


Title: Romance Book Club
Author: Michelle Hughes
Genre: Erotic: BDSM
Publisher: Tears of Crimson Books
Word/Page Count: 254 Pages
Release Date: May 15, 2013


Book Blurb

Jessie has given up on men. Her high school turned college sweetheart left her for another man, and if that wasn’t a warning sign that she was meant to be the cat lady, nothing was. Give her a romance novel, a bottle of wine, and her favorite feline companion, and life was perfect in her eyes.

When her book club decided to focus on sexy alpha male romances for the month, she had no idea how far the ladies were willing to go in the name of research. Finding herself in Sensation’s Dungeon was certainly not part of her plans, neither was meeting sexy club owner and dungeon Master, Chase Davenport. With a body built for sin, bedroom eyes that promised fantasies guaranteed to lead her straight to hell, the pages of a book suddenly appeared tame.


“Welcome to my Dungeon.” Those four little words might even tempt a bookworm to step into a world of sensual debauchery. So what really goes on behind the scenes at the Romance Book Club? Step into Sensation’s and discover the answer for yourself.

A book club, a romance novel, and a group of professional women in Atlanta, Georgia.  That might bring to mind a nice enjoyable evening of companionship and fun, but what if the women in question wanted to take things just a step further than the safety of a cozy living room meeting?  When Jessie’s book club decided to put some real-time research into the background of their latest reading topic, she had no idea it would land her right in the middle of Sensation’s Dungeon!

Chase Davenport had seen dozens of women walk into his dungeon, curious about what his lifestyle entailed.  Never had one ran for the door and looked on in abject horror like a certain petite little brunette.  Challenge, that’s what he decided when he stared into eyes the color of a Caribbean sea at sunset filled with fear.

The sexy club owner fit the description of a sexy alpha male romance character to a tee, and to Jessie that wasn’t a compliment.  When he offered to give her a tour of his dungeon, and discuss the reality of his lifestyle, she should have ignored the temptation.  But how did anyone resist a chance to talk with a man that had a body built for sin and a smile that made her knees tremble?

Determined to give the tempting beauty just a little education about his world, he had no idea unlocking her mind would result in his own need to stake his claim.   He was a man accustomed to having women beg for his attention, but there was something about Jessie that called out the true alpha in him.  Would she be able to accept what he really wanted from her, or walk out his dungeon never to return?


It began with a love of reading romance behind the pages of a book… but in the end, reality would show a different world awaited if either of them were willing to take the chance.

Romance Book Club is a romance that delves into the world of bondage and discipline.  It explores a different side of the dominant male, one that is rarely mentioned in romantic literature today.  





Now without Further Adeiu: The Cover


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Michelle Hughes is an international bestselling author She began her career in entertainment as a country singer/songwriter and performed with country legends such as Justin Tubbs, Darryl McCall and Skeeter Davis before retiring from that field and choosing to write paranormal romance.

She is married and has five children. Michelle and her family currently reside in Rockford, Alabama. She maintains an entertainment site for bands, authors, and other venues and also is the founder of a book debut site, which helps new authors debut their books.

Her favorite travel destination is New Orleans, and both of the Tears of Crimson Vampire books take place in this location. She claims that she fell in love with the French Quarter, and each time she visits, she leaves a piece of her soul behind.

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