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Review Request Policy

If you are an author( established or new) or a publisher who would like a book reviewed, please adhere to the following guidelines.


Review and Request Policy and Guidelines


Books will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.


Books will be selected according to our reading preferences as well as author’s book blurb. If your book is accepted for review, you will be notified ( if indicated in the request) when your review will appear on the site.  Keep in mind that acceptance of a review request does not guarantee a review.  We repeat, acceptance of a review request DOES NOT GUARANTEE A REVIEW!

Upon selection, your book will be reviewed openly and honestly according to our thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the book whether  they are positive or negative.  We will not mince  words so if you do not have the ability to accept criticism well, them please refrain from submitting a requests.


We feel that honesty is the best policy. We owe it to our readers to be truthful as they rely on our reviews to help them make book selections that they may enjoy reading as well.  Anything less would be a great disservice to our authors and readers alike.



Our Reading Preferences


While we live for erotica of all genres, we do venture out of this realm fairly often so please, feel free to submit requests for other genres as well.  Please keep in mind that this site is geared towards adults. While we love children and strongly advocate reading for all ages, a review request for a children’s book may not reach your intended audience so please make sure that  review requests are geared to  books appropriate for those eighteen years of age or older.


We live for series and trilogies as well, the more books in a series the better but we also prefer to read them in order. If submitting a review request for a book series, please start with book number one or at the very least, include a list of all preceding books in the book series along with your request.


Some of our favorite genres:


  • Erotica, ( all genres)
  • Action and Adventure,
  • Fantasy and Dark Fantasy (probably still a major sub-genre!)
  • Gay and Lesbian,
  • Mystery,
  • Romance, ( all genres)
  • Crime,
  • Urban Fiction/Romance
  • Paranormal Romance

Requests Formats


We accept  ARCs, galleys,physical books as well as e-books, with the actual physical, printed copy being our first choice.  We accept e-books in the following formats: epub and mobi


All publications sent for review become the property of Nightstand Novels. Your publication will not be returned. Nightstand Novels will either donate the book to a library or non profit organization or it will used in our book give-a-ways.


Review Request Submission Form

Fields marked with an asterick are required!

  • Please supply a direct url to your book’s information page if applicable.
  • Please upload a JPEG or PNG image of your book cover
  • Book must be in Epub or Mobi format only!