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Because we know that there is nothing worse than plunking down $9.99 for a book that you are still reading after 4 months because apart from the hot guy on the cover, you just weren’t “moved” like you thought you’d be;  we  have instituted our “Spanks” Rating Scale  for our more “spicier” erotic novels to help you wade through the possible snoozers and get to the good lit.



Spanks Rating Scale



 Scorcher! Sure to get your panties wet! (Run out and get this book ASAP, and a change of panties while you’re at it.  A must read for any true erotica enthusiast)


Sizzler (we really liked this story and it came close to receiving 5 spanks, but  something was missing and it fell a little short.)


Slow Burn (a story that we enjoyed reading. You won’t find it on our top 10 list but we found it enjoyable and may even recommend it)


 Flame Flicker(Can take it or leave it, the story was only okay, nothing very special about it.)


  Failed to ignite…Can I have my time back please?  

(a story we just really couldn’t get into no matter how hard we tried and believe us, we TRIED)





We have also instituted our “Heat” Index. The purpose of the heat index is to let you know how steamy a book  may be.  We know that not everyone enjoys the down and dirty  so we will be adding a “heat” rating to each review to help you to stay in your “romance range” !

***please note that “heat ratings” will only be given to books categorized as romance or erotic***

Scorching Blaze: Take me now or Hose me down before I spontaneously combust!

   (extremely explicit and graphic sexuality which is the focus of the story)

Hot-n-HeavyWhew!  It’s getting hot in here. Somebody turn on the air (very explicit

    sexuality  which may or may not be the focus of the story)

Cheek WarmerMy lady parts(or manly parts) are starting to tingle (may contain sexual situations descriptive enough to make you blush) 

Frosty-n-Frigid: Brr, Its a little chilly in here, (may contain, hugging and kissing,  

   some sensuality and implied sexuality with little to no explicitness)