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Rating Scale

We here at Nightstand Novels, know that money may be tight due to the recession and although we novel enthusiasts will not cut corners as far as our escapism into unknown territories are concerned, we all would like to get our money’s worth out of our selected reading material so we have instituted our Ratings Scale to help you wade through the possible snoozers and get to the good lit!

 Rating Scale

 Definite Keeper (Run out and get this book ASAP  its just THAT good)

Great Read (we really liked this story and will definitely recommend it)

Good Read (a story that we enjoyed reading. You won’t find it on our top 10 list but we found it enjoyable and we may even  recommend it)

 Okay, Could be better(Can take it or leave it, the story was only okay, nothing very special about it.)


Snooze Fest…Can I have my time back please?  
(a story we just really couldn’t get into no matter how hard we tried and believe us, we TRIED)



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