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Posted February 27, 2014 by Nightstand Novels in Novel Thoughts

Novel Thoughts: Cover Makeovers…Is Less More?

There is a growing trend of romance novels getting updated or new cover looks. I’m not sure why this is.  Maybe with the success of Fifty Shades of Gray,  Author’s and publishing companies  are realizing that less is actually more.  There have been quite a few re-releases of popular erotic novels  with new covers that have taken on a more demure look as opposed to it’s risque counterpart.

Admittedly, If I haven’t heard good things about a book prior…the cover is what actually draws me to the book. Of course, if it’s an author that I’m particularly fond of then all of that author’s novels are an automatic read for me 98% of the time regardless of  the cover.


The trend shifting from risque to demure may serve a purpose  as well as allowing the reader some semblance of privacy.  Sure, while Erotic fiction has become more widespread and acceptable ( for lack of a better word) as a Genre, personally I would feel a bit “exposed” to have people see me reading  ”Carrie’s Story” with the cover on the left in full view.  Not that I particularly care what people think of me but more so that I value my privacy and wouldn’t appreciate strangers in my business… so to speak. Which also, aside from convenience, could also explain the popularity of the E-Reader.

Once I’m drawn to the novel’s cover, I then check out the book’s blurb and that is where I make the decision on whether or not it is something that I might enjoy reading. Although I have never read a book based solely on its cover, some people see this as a very viable method of choosing a novel.

I guess the cover does serve a purpose in attracting the reader initially as I have read a few books that had it not been for the attractive cover art, I might not have bothered to even pick it up  and read the blurb.

What say you?  How much does a novel’s cover play in your decision to read or not read that novel and what do you think of the trend..less is more as it pertains to erotic romance novels?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

We'd Love to hear your thoughts

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    I would be embarrassed if the cover was that explicit but I do like some hotness to my cover. These cuff links and water and smoke and tie covers ain,t gonna get it. Fifty shades ruined erotica covers as we know it IMO


    lol Deanna.  You have a point there.   I do enjoy a cover with character depictions on the front.  Gives me some idea of what they look like… Maybe we need to bring back the days of Fabio.lol

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