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Posted June 13, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Author Interview

Interview: ‘Her Masters Kiss’ Series Author Viviex Sparx

Author Interview

Vivien Sparx


Hello Vivien, welcome to Nightstand Novels, we are so glad to have you join us today. Congrats on your success as an author…. how has the experience been?

So far, so good! I have been blessed to have the support of a lot of passionate and enthusiastic readers.

nnninterviewI’ve heard that you are rather shy, how does a shy woman get started writing and Why erotica…what is it about the genre and specifically BDSM that attracts you?

I started writing erotic romance after dabbling in a couple of other genres. I liked the idea of erotic romance because it gives me the opportunity to engage a reader’s senses and emotions more than any other genre. My partner is very experienced in BDSM. It was he who I used as the sounding board for my stories, and the inspiration for many of the scenes I write.


A Dom is he? ~ eye brow waggle~ What do you think makes for a good story?


You need to be able to create a unique and interesting plot. Good stories have conflict and the story line and characters need to be constantly developing. Readers forgive bad writing, but rarely will they forgive bad storytelling




How did the “Her Master’s series” come about and more specifically, “Her Master’s Voice?”


Her Master’s Voice came about from the simple idea of being fascinated at the online submission training phenomenon. The idea of a woman serving an anonymous Master intrigued me.



Did you do any research for your books? and if so what?


My partner is my main reference. But I also now have a group of submissive women and two other experienced masters around the world who I used for ideas and information to maintain accuracy.




Do you include or (expect to include) any real life experiences in your novels and if so care to share?

I include a lot of real life experiences in my stories…. but I don’t care to share!!!




Well alrighty then…moving on!!! What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I don’t have any strange quirks, I don’t think. I just need to write in peace and quiet.




Any rituals to get those creative juices flowing, glass of wine, music, stand on head and chant?

Lol no, sorry. No rituals. For me writing is hard work. I just go to my little office and sit and write. I treat it as my job and I take it seriously. I try to write at least 2000 words each working day.




Are your family and friends aware that you write erotica? Are they supportive and if so have they read any of your work?

My entire family loves the fact that I write! My sister, and mother have read my books. They enjoy them.




What is the toughest part about writing sex scenes?

There really isn’t anything difficult about writing a sex scene. For me the hardest part is keeping track of whose hand is doing what and how the other person is reacting. Keeping track of the limbs is the challenge. You can’t have your hero doing too many things at one time!




Where do you get the inspiration for your sex scenes, are they purely based on fantasy or is there a little real life experience thrown in?

No comment!




Such a private person…Okay…moving on again. Do you ever get embarrassed by the sex?

No. Never. I don’t use profane words or bad language in my stories. My books are ones you can gladly allow your mother to read. However, just because I don’t resort to graphic language doesn’t mean I can’t generate a LOT of steam in my erotic scenes.




Apart from your own characters, Who is your favorite Dom/character and why?

I don’t have one.




What books are on your night stand?

The Harry Potter books (again)




I’m probably the only person who has never read Harry Potter or seen any of the films…I’m rambling so let’s continue, do you hear from your readers much and if so what kinds of things do they say?

I am lucky to have a lot of enthusiastic and very passionate readers, and through my Facebook page I interact with EVERY ONE of them. I love staying in touch with readers and getting their thoughts on characters and stories. It’s the best part of the job.




Are reviews important to you and how do you react to bad reviews?


I am much better these days with bad reviews, it’s just hard to deal with bad reviews that are not constructive in any way.




Has social networking impacted your life as a writer and in what way?

Social networking is a fantastic way to keep in touch with readers, which I think is the best part of the job!



What do you want readers to take away from your fiction and where can readers find you?

I simply want them to enjoy the story!

Readers can find me on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by Vivien.





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