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Posted October 6, 2012 by Nightstand Novels in Latest News

Guess Who: This celebrity Loves Erotic Fiction

Which celebrity, recently linked to One Direction boy band member Liam Payne, loves to read Erotic fiction?

This singer recently  admitted to reading the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey by British author E. L. James adding that she enjoyed the novel and wasn’t disappointed at all by the romantic scenes described by the author. “The sex parts are very graphic” our celebrity said,  “Its basically S&M and yes, That’s a good thing!”

 Hmm?  Maybe our little songbird has a secret kinky side herself..Do tell!


Can You guess who it is?


[wpspoiler name="Click to Find Out" ]
If you guessed Leona Lewis, You guessed right!

The 27-year-old British star who shot to fame after winning the X Factor UK in 2006, also revealed what she is like as a girlfriend. Although the title of her latest single is Trouble, in real life she is an easy person to get along with.

“I’m not annoying in relationships! I’m great!” she declared. “[The new song isn't about me] I think it’s more about a relationship where people become a bit destructive. When you can’t get out of a situation you do become destructive and you start to resent each other and do things you usually wouldn’t do.”

Leona revealed other surprising facts about her private life as well. In addition to her love of Erotic novels, She also admitted to being a fan of vampires, although she doesn’t believe in other supernatural beings stating “I do like to rap sometimes, I like watching True Blood, but [do werewolves exist] erm… No…”.[/wpspoiler]

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