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Posted July 26, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Featured Novel

Featured Novel: His Wrath, Her Honor by E.M. Bryant

His Wrath, Her Honor
by E.M. Bryant



his wrath her honor





*Genre: Erotica: Romance/Humor

*Published: May 2, 2013
*Publisher: E.M. Bryant
*Language: English
*ISBN: 1484817508


Book Blurb

Nick Banes is spiteful, rude, malicious, perverted, and downright hateful…And his fury for the charitable but vulnerable Simone Silver knows no bounds.

Early spring thunderstorms turn their tumultuous working relationship into a full-blown battle of wits and wills. Fueled with fire and lust, Nick torments Simone until she begins to unravel.

Will he find his humanity and save her from herself, or will he let the flames consume her?

His Wrath, Her Honor is on sale now for only $0.99 and available at:


Juest a tastefancy

“Does the company of a man always put you in such a terrible mood?”

“No, I like men in general. You’re just… That is, men like you….”

Simone hated herself for stumbling her speech in front of him.“Yes? Use your words.”

“Oh, go to hell, Nick!”

“Lovely, Simone! And here I am, writing you a check so you can put on your trashy little event!”

“You’re doing this for Reese! And it’s NOT trashy!”

His eyes read over the invoice again. “Renting out city hall with generic barbecue and cheap beer. Hardly a red carpet event, is it?”

“This is for the school! Families!”

“Trash.” Her mouth was gaping open. “Most people in this silly little town are trash.” He stared up and down her body thoroughly. “Are you any different?”

“I am NOT trash! And Reese is supposed to be your friend! If this is how you feel, then why help out at all?!”

“Well, as I told you, I do own most of this shit. Why not be part of the package? Make some fun with the town? Make some fun in general with the pious and virtuous ladies especially.”

“God, you’re so vile.”

“Perhaps. But I never want for anything. I never need anyone to write a check for me.”

“This isn’t for ME, or I’d tear it up now!”

“Yes, yes. Respectable Simone. My little rain goddess.” He offered her his arm, then quickly disengaged seeing her wrathful look. “Amuse me, would you? How many of the town’s finest have sampled your fresh eagerness?”

“I can’t believe you think I’d answer that.”

“Why? I’m merely curious which one of these local lads has captured your stamina’s attention.”

“I am NOT a whore!”

“Heaven forbid!!! Did I say that? A thousand apologies, my gentle dove, if I even insinuated that you have earned such a frightful title!”

She refused to face him, instead turning her face nearly into a tree. He tried to hold her hand, pull her toward him so he could continue, but she flinched at his motions, holding her hands together, and sternly focusing her eyes on the bark of the tree.

“I have offended my little rain goddess.” She said nothing. “Such a luscious little rain goddess.” He stepped near enough so he could whisper in her ear. So near that anyone walking by might think they were lovers. “I rather like imagining you parting your legs like Moses parted the sea. Welcoming anyone who requires refuge. Or do you clamp up and drown your men?”

She reached up to slap him, but he caught her hand. “No, rain goddess. No need to strike me. You’ve already told me what I wanted to know.”

“I’ve told you nothing!”

“Yes, because there is nothing to tell.”

He left her at her tree. Outwardly, he was smiling to mock her. Inside, he hated her more than ever.



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about Author




E.M. Bryant is a writer who hails from Southeast Missouri. She has a background in literature, and a passion for Medieval and American Folklore. An interest in the paranormal sparked Bryant to begin writing a trilogy involving all of these elements.

Her first book, RAPTURE, was published in March 2013 via Xlibris Corporation, and has received favorable reviews. Bryant’s second full-length book, AWAKE, is scheduled to debut late summer 2013.

Raised in the Bible Belt, her stories often reference religious topics, paying special attention to subjects like predestination and sexuality. Controversial, perverse, and witty, Bryant’s writing aims to target, frighten, and seduce the reader.

To Find out more about E.M. Bryant, visit her at:

Website | Twitter| Facebook| Amazon Author Page


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