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Posted February 21, 2014 by Nightstand Novels in Featured Book Trailer

Featured Book Trailer: Memories of Holly Woode by Richard Wickliffe

"Memories of Holly Woode" Novel Trailer from Rich Wickliffe on Vimeo.









*Genre: Romance
*Published: October 30, 2013
*Publisher: Library Tales Publishing, Incorporated
*Language: English
*Page Count: 274
*ISBN: 0615912516

Book Blurb

Memories of Holly Woode tells the story of a charming old man as he amusingly describes his perfect “Norman Rockwell” youth. John was a war hero who fished with Hemingway, traveled the globe and married the most beautiful woman in the world: Holly Woode.

Young Jill considers her life to be boring and dull. She would rather escape into John’s tales of adventures with his mesmerizing wife Holly than face her own domestic burdens. However, Jill learns that things are not as they appear and soon questions: WHO IS HOLLY WOODE?



Memories of Holly Woode is an illuminating tale of how a storyteller’s journey can change the way we perceive our own lives, combined with humor and historical facts in the spirit of Forrest Gump.

Memories of Holly Woodememhol is available at:







Aboutthe author fancy

Richard Wickliffe’s screenplay version of “Memories of Holly Woode” was a nominee in HBO’s Project Greenlight. His first novel, a thriller “Tropical Windfall,” was published as part of an Amazon crime-writing competition. He’s been published in the business field and has had a recent film project acquired by Twentieth Century Fox. In addition to the art created for this novel, Rich’s art and photography have been sold as prints, used in Forbes Travel magazine and exhibited in Fort Lauderdale’s Art Guild. Rich resides, writes and plays in South Florida..

To Find out more about Richard, visit him at:

Author’s Website | Memories of Holly Woode Book Website


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