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Review: I Remember You

I Remember You Book Cover
I Remember You Book Cover
I Remember You Book Cover


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Good Storyline, Loveable characters, Includes an Epilogue


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“I Remember You” was a romantic tale of lost loves and second chances…throw in a little hot sex and good music and you have the makings of one sexy novella.

Posted June 18, 2013 by Nightstand Novels

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I Remember You

By Scarlett Metal




I Remember You Book Cover


*Genre: Erotic: Contempory Romance


*Published: April 25, 2013

*Language: English
*ASIN: B00CJ17754
*Word/PageCount: 24k word (approximation





Book Blurb

Lance never got over his teenage love despite years of trying to forget her with with alcohol, music, and other women. He runs into her when he’s back into town for a show with his band. Will he be able to move on or will he finally realize she’s the piece missing from his life?

Samantha dated lots of different guys after Lance, guys most girls would love to have even a chance with. No one can make her happy though; she compares them all to Lance. She sees Lance again after ten years apart. Will he be all she remembered, or will she finally be able to move past that part of her life?

They spend a passionate together but can they be more? Or will the differences that drove them apart when they were young threaten to keep them apart now? And when tragedy strikes, will they put that all aside and find happiness together?



I remember you is a super sexy quick read. A wonderful story of lost loves and second chances.
Lance ws absolutely adorable. Yes, I have a penchant for self-deprecating men. Something in me just wants to take them and fix them. Having come from the wrong side of the tracks, Lance never believed he was quite good enough or deserving of Sam because she was smart, sexy, beautiful and she came from money.

Teenagers, young and in love, Sam and Lance were each other’s world…. soul mates! Their relationship is great except that Lance wants more than the long make-out sessions that Sam is willing to give. He wants to take their relationship a step further and Sam wants the same but she’s scared and isn’t ready just yet. Truth be told, Lance is content with just kissing but his body has a mind of its own whenever he and Sam are together. He’s tasted the goodies of others when he and Samantha were broken up and he can’t help but think how much better it will be with Samantha. Everything is perfect until Lance’s past comes back to haunt him and their world comes crashing down around them. Will circumstances keep them apart or will fate intervene?

When Sam and Lance run into each other at a convenience store, their reunion (although 14 years later) was as if nothing every happened. Their connection was immediate and explosive. 14 year old horny teens have nothing on Lance and Sam and they waste no time making up for lost time.

The characters were truly lovable and the story flowed fairly well. I absolutely loved the fact that although Lance was a famous musician, he didn’t try to hide Sam and had no problems letting his fans know about their relationship. I also liked how Sam, even though she didn’t know if Lance still had feelings for her, decided to go after who she wanted. Just an FYI, if you plan to pick up “I Remember You”, this book does have an epilogue although there is no way to know this as the ending is denoted with a big, old “THE END”. If I hadn’t accidentally flipped the page, I would have had no idea the epilogue even existed and I sooooo love an epilogue.

Overall, “I Remember You” was a romantic tale of lost loves and second chances…throw in a little hot sex and good music and you have the makings of one sexy novella.

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