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Perfect addition to the ‘Geek Kink’ Series. If you are following the series then “Break Me In” is a no-brainer and if you are late to the party…what are you waiting for? Pick up the ‘Geek Kink’ series Asap.

Posted February 11, 2013 by Nightstand Novels

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By Sara Brookes




*Genre: Erotic: BDSM Romance

* Published: January 29,2014

*Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc

*Word/Page count 284 Pages

*Series: Geek Kink Book #3
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Book Blurb

Elena avoids relationships by using her flogger as a shield. Alex is struggling with substance abuse and Elena will do nearly anything to help him conquer his demons, even risk losing him forever. When he comes home, whole and healthy, he raises the stakes by requesting their friendship turn into a D/s bond. His submission will change their dynamic forever. She convinces herself it’s just sex. Love and desire aren’t part of the equation.

Under Elena’s reverent command, Alex finds a comfort he’s always yearned for. He’s happier than ever as he spends his days slinging coffee and his nights bound and collared. Submitting to Elena exposes more than his strengths—it reveals a powerful attraction. Most of all, it uncovers their passionate love. He’s ready to convince her there’s no reason to mask her feelings, but his efforts are derailed when his toxic past resurfaces to annihilate their future.

Warning: A hunky, tortured barista. A seductive, stubborn Domme. Desire that can’t be tamed by cuffs, ropes and chains. And angst. So much drama and angst, John Hughes would be proud. Being bad never felt so good.

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Yes Ladies….. (and gents?) That hot guy chained and collared on the cover is none other than that tortured soul, Mr. Alex Conners. Newly divorced, with his life heading in a downward spiral, Alex needs answers!  His curiosity about BDSM having been piqued, he needs to know if the lifestyle is right for him and to do that he needs someone to show him the ropes.. or chains, or flogger…lol.  He has a certain someone in mind, but  can he convince her to take him on as a submissive and possibly more?

Elena has long since sworn off love. Time spent at Sanctuary and Element Twenty-six, the local kink club, is all she needs or wants.   After all, who needs love when you are the one in control… or so she thinks.  Seeing her long time friend Alex Conners’ world come crashing down and him right along with it, brings feelings she’s fought hard to suppress to the surface. Determined to help him get his life back, she agrees to help him in his quest to learn more about BDSM but it has to be on her terms and strictly business. That is what her mind is saying but the more time she spends with Alex, the more she learns that her heart has other ideas.

I am totally hooked on this Geek Kink Series. I enjoyed the first book “Taking Over Me” and I absolutely loved Ryan’s book, “Rock Your Soul” so I knew “Break Me In” would be a good read as well.

I started this book with a little trepidation as the author stated she’d killed off a character. After messaging the author and trying to coax the fallen character out of her with no luck, I finally gave up and decided to read it on my own. (don’t worry, no spoilers here *wink*)

As always, we get an update on what has been going on in the lives of characters from previous books in the series which is one of the main reasons why I love, love, love series, trilogies and the like.

Something about these particular characters just draw you in.   They are so well written and with their penchant for vintage superhero tees, comic books and coffee…  what’s not to love? Brookes writes in such a way that one can’t help but to get caught up in their individual stories…even those of the supporting characters and that is no small feat. The love and sense of family that they share with one another, even those newly initiated into their circle of friends, is beyond heart warming.

Although I’ve been heavy into dom/sub stories lately…I’ve never really read anything with a female Domme. I liked Elena as a supporting character and even more in her own story. Although a few of her actions had me wanting to slap her,femdom I loved her take charge attitude and how she handled Alex. The support and care that she showed to Alex helped him to blossom and come out of his downward spiral. Under her tutelage, Alex was not only able to come to terms with his past but to realize that he was capable and deserving of love and pleasure.

Alex Conners, what Can I say about Alex but Damn!  I could sense his pain and desperation in wanting to experience something that he felt so strongly could possibly be missing in his life. The inner tug-o-war between his mind and body had me seriously wondering which one would emerge the victor. Brookes gave us a peek into the past relationship between Elena and Alex as well as a bit of family history which enabled me to better understand the reasoning behind some of their more “what the heck just happened” actions.  I just wanted to grab Alex into a big bear hug and make it all better, so to speak.


While I wouldn’t consider the chemistry between the two “explosive” it was definitely hot and sexy!  I loved their interactions with one another. Alex’s struggle to come to terms with his past while experiencing pleasure that he never thought possible at the hand of Elena and Elena’s struggle to keep their relationship strictly that of Domme and sub despite the feelings that came flooding back every time she laid eyes on Alex, made for quite an interesting dynamic. The playful, flirtatious way they lusted after each other while trying to keep feelings at bay just added to it..

The sex scenes were smoking hot and written in such a descriptive way that brought the scenes to life. The care Elena took to prepare for the scenes from the equipment used to the actual execution of the scene, allowed the reader to visualize  each and every detail as it was happening.  With each stroke of the tawse, each ascent into ecstasy and ultimately… each release, the reader is able to feel Alex letting go of his pain as well as the pieces of Elena’s(self-built) wall chipping away.

I’m not one who thinks a submissive man is necessarily weak and believe me, Alex was far from that. He came to terms with what he longed for and was willing to let Elena take charge of his pleasure and in a sense, his recovery. While he submitted to her sexually, there was no doubt that Alex was definitely ALL man. He knew how to ruffle Elena’s feathers and crack her hard exterior shell. He made her feel things that she didn’t want to feel, let alone admit to feeling.

When Alex referred to Elena as “Mistress” I felt some kind of way. I know that it is a term of reverence and respect just as “Master” is to a dom but I found myself becoming annoyed at his use of the word but that’s neither here nor there.

Of Course, the author threw in a curve ball to keep us on our toes. You’ll have to read the book in order to find out what it is because my lips are sealed…haha.

Overall, “Break Me In” was a well-written, really good read. Chock full of emotion, angst, friendship, love and a bit of suspense, it’s the perfect addition to the ‘Geek Kink’ Series. If you are following the series then “Break Me In” is a no-brainer and if you are late to the party…what are you waiting for? Pick up this series Asap. I cannot wait to read Dade’s book next as I fully anticipate him becoming my favorite…something about him just “does ” it for me… lolfemdom

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