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Posted May 2, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Featured Book Trailer

Featured Book Trailer: Dark Chatter by Andrew Branch








*Genre:Literary Humor
*Published:March 2, 2013
*Publisher: Grappling Book
*Language: English
*Page Count: 186


Book Blurb

Quicklime Petterson is still kicking around campus two years after commencement. But as the post-college daze is petering out, an offer comes in: pen a porn script for the policeman who just busted him, get his charges dropped.


With no time to workshop, the erstwhile English major pounds out an introspective, Oedipal flesh-flick entitled “Conceptual Tart.” The project attracts a tween star in search of an edgy role, and media frenzy ensues. As the would-be one-off deal threatens to become a vocation, Quicklime attempts to find the honest career he meant to start after college, amidst growing renown as a pornographer.

Dark Chatter is available at:







About the author

Andrew Branch teaches French at Columbia University. Prior to graduate school, he worked at the New York Review of Books.

To Find out more about Andrew, visit him at:

Website | Twitter


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    That has got to be the coolest trailer ever.

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