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If you’re an hopeless romantic then book is definitely for you!

Posted November 17, 2012 by Nightstand Novels

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                               Once Upon A Second Chance

                                    By Marian Vere



*Published: November 6, 2012
*Publisher:  Omnific Publishing
*Page Count: 210
*Language: English
*ISBN-10: 1623429153


Book Blurb

Julia’s life seemed to be falling perfectly into place. She had burgeoning job prospects in the finance industry, an exciting life in New York City, and a wonderful fiancé, Nick Kerkley, who she was totally in love with. Nick however, while being completely devoted to Julia, did not have the career potential or financial stability to be worthy of someone like her — or at least that’s what she came to convince herself. Hesitantly, Julia ended the relationship, forcing herself to believe it would all be for the best. Little did she know, that one decision would lead both their lives to spiral away from each other, only to converge again. What happens to your fairytale when you let someone else wave the magic wand? Will your dreams of love and enchantment still come true, or will your ‘happily ever after’ pass by without you? Once Upon a Second Chance is a contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


Have you ever wished for a “Do over” in your life? Well, that is just what happens in this fairy tale like novel. The author tells the amusing story of a true love surviving all obstacles after eight years apart.

Julia had it all until she let her older sister whom she looked up to as a second mom, give her advice. Now, eight years later, broken and a shadow of her former self, A chance meeting with the “one” she let get away has Julia rethinking her life. Can she change her destiny and finally have the life and love she’s longed for or is it really too late.

Once Upon a Second Chance is a light-hearted and enjoyable read. This novel will have you believing that dreams do really come true and maybe, just maybe, fairy Godmothers really do exist.

The book was very well-written and I absolutely adored Vere’s take on the classic tale.

I really enjoyed the characters journey in trying to find their way back to each other and I absolutely fell in love with Nick! At first, I had my doubts about Nick but my heart just melted for him pretty early on. Julia, on the other hand, really had to grow on me. It amazed me how she was willing to let others control her life and her destiny for such a long time. When she finally decided to become responsible for her own happiness I all but cheered out loud for her.

The supporting characters were all wonderful in their own right..even Bree. As much as I tried to dislike her, I just couldn’t do it lol and Susan was the friend that we all should have.

I experienced a whirlwind of emotions while reading this book……surprise, anger, sadness, joy and believe it or not I even shed a few tears. If you know me then you know that I am an unrepentant cryer. I cry at movies, tv shows, I’ve even been known to cry on a commercial or two (SSSShhh! Don’t tell anyone) but it’s a great feat for a novel to elicit that much emotion from me. Kudos to Mrs. Vere!

If you’re a hopeless romantic and Live for the HEA then this book is definitely for you!



About The Author

Marian Vere is a twenty eight year old writer of Women’s Fiction. Born and raised in.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she received her degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in–oddly enough–vocal music performance, only to later discover her love of writing and storytelling. Marian is represented by Carly Watters of PS Literary, and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her Husband, and two daughters.




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    I loved Jane Austen’s version. I will put this on my too read list!

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