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Posted August 20, 2013 by Nightstand Novels in Character Interview

Character Interview: Ian Taggert of Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries Series


We are beyond thrilled to have our favorite dom Mr. Ian Taggert sit down and chat with us: We know many of you have been lusting after Ian right along with us and are dying to find out what makes Mr.Taggert tick.   Admittedly, it wasn’t an easy interview as Mr Taggert just oozes “Alpha”  but we managed to get him to share a little bit of himself with us:  Hope You Enjoy!




Ian Taggert ( Big Tag)



We are so glad that you could sit down with us MR. Taggert. and forgive me but you are just as sexy as I imagined … Let’s get started.. Tell us about Mr. Ian Taggert What makes him tick?

BigTagOn a good day, Scotch. On a bad day, well, you don’t want to see me on my bad days.

You always seem so focused and mysterious and a bit angry at times, Do you think your author portrayed you accurately?

Lexi and I have a difficult relationship. She focuses on all the wrong things. She seems to think that all a Dom really needs is just the right sub and he turns into a sickening pile of goo at a woman’s feet. She’s turned Sean and Adam and Jake and now Liam into pussies who do their subs’ bidding. That’s not happening to me.



What, if anything, haunts you?

Next question. I don’t do the ghost thing.



Tell us something about your author that we did not know?

She’s actually quite sweet. And she would be so much better off ceding control to me. Come on, Lex, you know you want to. Oh, and I actually do like her shoes. A woman is at her most beautiful in a gorgeous pair of heels and nothing else.



People seem to be really fearful of and intimidated by you… and looking at you I can see why, Is it solely due to your size or are their fears justified?

You shouldn’t be afraid of me. I’m just a big old teddy bear. That’s what all former Green Berets turned CIA operatives are. Just big fluffy teddy bears…



4 members of the team,Sean, Adam and Jake, and now Liam have all found love and gotten married and have either had or are expecting children. How does that make you feel? Are you genuinely happy for them or is there a bit of jealousy there?

Those are my brothers. If they’re happy, I’m happy. And I’ve rather gotten used to Grace and new rug rat. I have a niece. I’m not changing diapers or anything, but I could be useful when it comes to her dating life. I am quite proficient on the assassination front. I’ll enjoy meeting the first douche nozzle high school kid who tries to hook up with her.



How do you get along with the wives, do you have a relationship with them and who do you get along with best?

BigTagGrace, my sister-in-law. She’s also my office manager. She brings me lunch from time to time. Serena is always asking question and never follows protocol. She’s a sweet thing, but she doesn’t get spanked enough. I have no idea about Avery. The whole optimism thing is a mystery to me.



Were you and Sean close as children? Any other siblings? What was your childhood like?

BigTagOur father cut out early and I had to raise Sean and take care of our mother from a young age. I learned control and discipline. I actually thank the bastard for leaving us. We were better off without him.



How is Sean? I know your relationship was a bit strained and you’ve been working on it but have you two fully mended your fences yet? How is baby Carys. Do you enjoy being an uncle?

BigTagSean is almost out of culinary school and then he’ll be busy opening a restaurant. I’m glad he’s out of the business. He was too emotional about it. Emotion can get you killed. As for fences, well, I don’t think we’ll ever be the same, but that’s how life runs. His kid is cute, but what the hell are they feeding her? It’s like ten pounds, but I swear that kid poops her body weight on a daily basis.



What do you find attractive/Unattractive in the opposite sex? Does Ian( can I call you Ian?) have a “type”?

BigTagMy type is submissive. I train subs. I don’t date or have relationships. I facilitate a woman’s journey to find her submissive self. But I like intelligence in a sub. A Dom should work to gain a woman’s submission or it’s meaningless. So intelligence, humor and nice shoes. That’s what catches my eye.



Do you ever get lonely Ian because I’d be more than willing to offer myself up for a month or two…lol

BigTagLoneliness is not something I worry about. But what kind of shoes are you wearing? Because I’m always open for a little play.



Your job seems to be your life …do you ever take a day off?

I can take a day off when I’m dead. What the fuck would I do? I don’t surf or knit or shit. Ah, wait. I did take a day off about three months ago. I spent the day at the shooting range. Good times.



How do you relax….what do you do for fun?

I spend time at Sanctum. What do I do for fun? Subs. I do subs.



Stranded on a deserted beach with anyone in the world..who would it be and what would you two be doing?

I would be getting off the beach, that’s what I would do. And I wouldn’t need anyone. I would simply put together a boat and get the hell out of there.



How do you think people see you? Is that an accurate depiction?

I really don’t care how people see me or whether it’s accurate. In my line of business, it’s more important that they see what I want them to see. Reality is what I say it is and no one else matters.



Aside from your inability to catch Nelson..what’s your greatest source of frustration.

BigTagAnswering questions. Lexi is going to get spanked for making me do this.



Let’s talk about Sanctum, how did that come about?

I wanted a place to play. I heard there was another club in Dallas, but it has a douche bag name. Who names a club The Club? I wouldn’t walk in there to save my life. So I did what I always do. I created my own. I make the rules, and it’s a safe place for my friends to play.



How did you get involved in the whole dom thing?

My former CO in the Army took me to a club. I realized that this was what I had been missing. I trained with him for a very long time before opening my own club.



I know you play with the subs at Sanctum but how do you emotionally disconnect. you must have a favorite right, there has to be some feelings involved?

Feelings? I’m sorry. I barfed a little in my mouth. Feelings get in the way of good sex. So, no. No feelings or favorites.



You can tell us does your author have rights at Sanctum…has she ever been there or any other Club of that sort?*wink*

She’ll be there tonight. I have some special time with my four footer planned for her. Lexi, dear, the St. Andrew’s Cross is calling your name. But seriously, she prefers a good flogging and she subs quite quickly. Another clue that she should turn this whole thing over to me. She’d be much happier.



Are you really as tough as you seem. I happen to think underneath that exterior lies a big old teddybear am i right?

That’s right. I’m just a teddy bear with a SIG Sauer, a bull whip and a pretty anal plug with your name on it, sweetheart. And I’m quite proficient with all three.



How do you feel about being a sex symbol so to speak…there are so many women out there that would love to be the one to tame you…how does that make your feel?

Again, with the vomiting thing. I’m not tamable and anyone who thinks they can is likely not submissive and therefore not my type. But I’m always open to the sex thing.



The doms on your team have all seemingly had their hearts dominated by their women..is there a woman out there capable of dominating your heart…is there love in the future for Ian Taggert?

I’ve done the marriage thing. It doesn’t end well. Been there. Done that. Got blood all over the T-shirt.



Well thanks for stopping by and I’m sure we’ll be reading more about you in the future and if you wouldn’t mind putting in a good word for us with Eve or Liam…we’d be ever so grateful.  Anything you’d like to let your fans know ..what we have to look forward to as far as Ian is concerned maybe?


I’m sure Lexi has plenty of crap planned for me, but I only care about one thing. I will find Eli Nelson. I will kill Eli Nelson. And I’ll enjoy it, too. The rest is all negotiable.




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    I really love Ian and Liam.  Heck who am I kidding, I love all of them  haha.


    well to be honest it is Ian,


    Love your books

    Rana Adams

    Good gravy Miss Daisy, I just love Ian and that interview kicked ass!! I would so be his sub if I was not so head strong! Thank you for sharing it with us. I got a lot of laughs!


    @Rana Adams We just Love Ian!!


    I love all the guys but I have a real soft spot for Jake.


    I am new to the series, so I haven’t a favorite, but that can change quickly based on this interview. Whew!!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


    Thanks for sharing the fun interview. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this series.  But it sounds to me like Taggart would be.  evamillien at gmail dot com


    I really like Liam!  Ian’s right up there too.  Thanks for the Giveaway chance!


    Loving Ian… Great interview!

    Maimeos Angels

    Looking forward to this book.. Love Ian

    Maimeos Angels

    Love Ian


    @Lexi Blake… I love this interview! I can’t wait for Ian’s book and his story. I’m gonna have to say that my favorite dom would have to be Alex! I love history and he and Eve have it, but he stuck with her and in the end… Happily Ever After… that’s my favorite!

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